Probably the one most likely to make pro-programmers roll their eyes.


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of reading and writing. It’s been productive, although maybe a little too much in the same way that Edison would call blowing up a bunch of electrified glass balls a productive way of learning how to make a light bulb…Did Edison really invent the light bulb, though?

…Anyway, now I’m at a bit of a cross roads – On one hand, I’ve done enough to feel like I should continue along that path for a while longer. I’ve been learning about some key things, realizing some problems and shortcomings in my designs and generally narrowing the field of possibilities.

On the other hand, I’m losing my shit.  Planning can be frustrating if you haven’t made something concrete in a while and there is no amount of thinking and writing that is going to solve some of the problems I’m facing.

I think it boils down to the fact that I need to feel a sense of progress. I’ve been working, but looking at my Unity project not much has changed, which is freaking me out a bit.

Kinda like being influenced by two distinct forces at the same time.

Speaking of which:

Vector Arithmetic

(flawless segue, I know)

And so, the second part of the week was all about implementation. And holly crap! – it felt so good to make stuff happen! Until I realized I really need to grok vector arithmetic for some of the things I’m going to make. So back to reading I went.

Great. Fun. Fantastic.

It does amuse me a bit how only now do I feel the need to understand the diference between a position vector, a direction vector and a diference vector (all unintuitively just called “vectors”) as well as their relationships between world and local space.

Maybe I’m reaching the limits of logic and math is the way forward or maybe I’m totally not understanding something and this is a dumb endeavor. And maybe this is a case of optimizing too early as I could probably make some ungodly contraption with a bunch of state machines and empty game objects as helpers to achieve the result I’m after. The truth is probably somewhere in between but I can justify it as it’s going to make my life so much easier and enable me to do things I wouldn’t otherwise.

Of course, right now it feels like trying to open a door by banging my head on it (a tried and true method, in my experience… metaphorically speaking, of course).


Do I use a vector’s direction in an addforce function or do I use its resulting position to influence the rotation and apply force on the positive local Z axis?

Next Week

Understating Vectors Part 2. Although I’ll keep it on the practical side and just learn what I need to make the mechanic I have in mind. It will be on the next DevLog. I also want to investigate how to create and manage an open world. Just enough to create a sense of exploration and discovery.

Until then!

*puts on a helmet*

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