Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Sometimes a few at a time.

That was definitely the case this week and it resulted in less than 10 hours of focused work on Project BUDS.

I try to keep these DevLogs mostly about the game so long story short, my budget for the pre-production part of the game got a bit of a hit, which lead me to think and research about business plans, something I’ve only done briefly at the start of the project. This as it turns out, is a great way of walking towards a breaking point.

I’ve been talking to some people way better and more experienced than me about the process of developing experimental games and there is a comfort in knowing this early phase full of uncertainty, experimentation and rapid iteration not only is the best way to make the kind of game I’m making, it is the only way to make it. But it does take a lot of energy and resilience, especially if it’s just one person doing the design and code (not even including the art and production). I think thinking about business plans is ok, but it certainly cant be done in a reflexive way like I was starting to do.

Energy System

I want this game to be broadly accessible, so if I’m going to add a button there better be a bunch of good reasons for it. I’ll talk more about those reasons in later DevLogs but the basic implementation is simple – Doing stuff uses energy. Stuff like moving fast or making changes in the world, like planting things. And there is a diference between using energy whilst moving and whilst staying still. However, there are also things in the world that can give you energy back, like the fruit of something you planted.


This could get crazy fast and most of the ideas I’ve come up for it are too complex, so it will be a process of doing the basic implementation, see what works best and focus on the core of that idea.

To be honest, I haven’t really thought much of the design part of it this week and what little I’ve made was implementing it and fixing silly stuff like what happens when you quickly tap the energy button.


This mechanic would also have major implications to the design of the characters, but lets not even think about that for now (yes, that model is just a placeholder)

Next Week

I’ll be going on a one week vacation to the south of Portugal after next week, so this one is going to be mostly about setting up the ground work so I can still be productive in the quiet hours between stuff.

That’s a DevLog, I guess. Back to work!


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